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Mark's custom Gallery


Joy Desk Display


Custom ordered from one of our customers. 



Mulling Iron aka Toddy Iron


 Custom ordered from one of our customers.  He sent Mark a picture, along with the dimensions, and this mulling iron was produced from 1 1/8 inch round stock.   This tool would have been hung near the fire where it was kept hot, often in the local pub, and then used to heat up a drink if it had sat so long that it had cooled down.

Heart Hook Curtain Rod Holders

At one of our shows this year (2005), one of our fellow rendezvous reenactor's saw our heart hooks and thought they would make cool curtain rod holders... IF they were a bit bigger.  So Mark took the measurements and custom designed a pair of heart hooks that would hold a curtain rod with a 1" diameter.  


Leg Shackles and Wrist Shackles


















These leg shackles and wrist shackles were made for a client who needed them for a college class.

Bell Hanger


A  customer found this bell buried in her garden. 

She brought it to Mark and he built the yoke, the dinger, and the support.

Table Lantern Stand


This project was for Mark's youngest daughter to give as a Christmas present (2004). 

She purchased the lantern at a rendezvous, then designed the stand which Mark built. 

Note the red coloring on the heart design of the stand.




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